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Burnout 2010 - Erfolgreiches Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper Burnout 2010

Unser Desktop Hintergrund ist einer der meistgenannten Favoriten in der Dezember Kollektion. Hier die Meinungen dazu:

  1. greatest gift + winter atmosphere + burnout + inspiring well = favorites!! Especially Burnout one. really inspiring.
  2. Cosy Retro and Burnout 2010. Thanks :)
  3. I also like “Frozen”, except that the calendar would be completely covered by my desktop icons, and “Burnout 2010″ – which will be my next choice for the second half of December
  4. Loved Christmas Past and Burnout 2010
  5. I like all but 3 of them are my favorite! 1) Snow White 2) Burnout 2010 3) December 2010 Wallpaper
  6. Burnout 2010 was very special for me. Nice idea!
  7. cool!.. Snowy December, Burnout 2010
  8. A much better collection than last month. I like Burnout 2010
  9. “Burnout” is brilliant and I’m sad it’s not available in 1280×800.
  10. I’ve gone for Burnout 2010 – love it. :)
  11. Love them all specially Christmas icons and burnout, my wallpaper is gonna wear one of them this month.
  12. Burnout 2010 – excellent idea!
  13. Nice collection!! My favourite is Burnout 2010.
  14. Would have really liked Burnout 2010 in 1280 × 800, it is a standard size for all macbook 13’3 inch. It’s my fav but doesn’t come in my size :-(
  15. I really liked Inspiring Well, Burnout, and Khaos
  16. Thank you Smashing Magazine! For including me in this wonderful collection of Holiday Cheer. Love Burnout! Happy Holidays to everyone!
  17. For me definitely “Christmas Stuff” and “Burnout 2010″

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